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 " Tverskaya Street"

Tverskaya is the main street of the city. It is known from the 14th century. Its present day look took shape in 1930-50-s when according to General Reconstruction Plan of the Soviet Government it was straitened, widened and lined up with massive imposing buildings of the style, which is nowadays known as "Stalin architecture". 

Everything that was best and new in Moscow started in Tverskaya. It was the first street lit with electric lamps. The first trams ran in Tverskaya. It is the street of luxurious boutiques and beauty shops, fine dining restaurants and confectionaries, fashionable hotels and prosperous banks.


The monument to Yuri the Long-Armed, the founder of Moscow, situated opposite  Moscow Mayor's Office  

The view of Tverskaya Street (above) 

Moscow Mayor's Office in Tverskaya Street (bellow)