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"The State Tretyakov Gallery"

The world famous State Tretyakov Gallery has the richest collection of Russian painters from the icons of the 11th century to the paintings of the 20th century of different trends and styles, but of undoubtedly great artistic value. 

The Gallery began with two pictures bought in 1856 by Moscow industrialist  Pavel Tretyakov who continued to collect works of the talented compatriots throughout his life and in 1892 handed over his entire collection to the  city government as a gift. Today the Gallery owns over 57,000 pieces of art. 

The works of the Russian painters spanning the 11-19 century from sacred icons to stunning portrait and landscape art to the famous Russian Realists' paintings are represented in the Old Tretyakov Gallery, housed in the building that once belonged to Pavel Tretyakov.

And the New Tretyakov Gallery, housed in the Central Club of Artist, introduces  to its visitors modern Russian Art from the 1920s through today, encompassing pieces from the Socialist Realist, Modern,and Postmodern periods. 

The State Tretyakov Gallery (Old): the main entrance to the Gallery with a monument to its founder, Pavel Tretyakov, in front of it 

available tours of the Old State Tretyakov Gallery /duration: 3 hours/ and New State Tretyakov Gallery /duration: 3 hours/

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