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 "New-Maiden Convent"







The Ensemble of the New-Maiden Convent

Its present appearance dates largely from the 17th century, when the monastery was significantly enhanced and rebuilt in the decorative Moscow baroque style. 

The ornate belfry towering above the convent rises 236 ft. The structure is topped by a gilded dome that can be seen from miles away. 

As soon as the convent was founded, a cemetery was opened on its ground, which became a traditional burial place for the elite. Many famous Russians are buried in the convent's cemetery. 

The New-Maiden Convent was founded by Grand Prince Vasili the Third in 1524. It was intended to serve not only as a religious institution but also as a defense fortification. 

The Convent is a unique 16th-17th century architectural ensemble. Enclosed by a crenellated wall with 12 colorful battle towers, the convent comprises several groups of buildings.

It is dominated by the huge five-domed Cathedral of the Smolensk Icon of Our Lady (1524-1525).

In the New-Maiden Convent: the belfry and a burial-vault of the rich merchants