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 "Underground Palaces"

Your idea of the city would not be complete without Moscow Metropolitan Railway - Metro, one of the most convenient means of the city transport. 

The first line was opened in 1935, its length was 11.6 kilometers and it could carry an average of 350.000 passengers a day. The whole country participated in building Metro. It was turned into an underground kingdom of socialism. No expense was too much in terms of materials or manpower. More than 50 varieties of marble, granite and finishing stones were used in decorating the stations. They became the luxurious palaces, breathtaking in the originality of their architecture, sculptures, moldings and mosaics.

Over the years Metro has been expanding together with the city. Now it has 11 lines with 162 Stations. Its overall length is  262 kilometers and  it  carries  10,000,000 passengers a day.


Mayakovskaya Station

 The ceiling of the hall is decorated with  mosaic panels made from opaque squares of colored glass, designed on the theme A Day in the Land of Socialism.  This station was awarded the Grand Prix at the Paris World Fair in 1937.

Ploshchad Revolutsii Station 

opened in 1938, was designed with great symbolism. It has 76 bronze figures that show the creators of the new socialist world - soldiers, workers and collective farm workers. 

available a tour of the best Metro Stations  /duration: 1.5hours/ 

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