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"The Diamond Fund"

Diamond Fund is the treasure house of the Kremlin. It is an amazing exhibition of diamonds, jewelry, precious minerals and stones. 

The items on display date from the 18th century to the present. Highlights of the collection are the great imperial crown of gold, silver, diamond and pearls made for the coronation of Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great; the giant Orlov Diamond (189.6 carats), a present from Count Orlov to his mistress, Catherine the Great; the Shah Diamond (88.7 carats), which was given to Czar Nicholas I by the Shah of Persia as a gesture of condolence after the assassination in 1829 of Alexander Griboyedov, the Russian ambassador to Persia and a well-known poet; and the largest gold nugget to have been preserved in the world, weighing 36kg.

From the Diamond Fund Collection: royal regalia of the Russian empire

available a tour of the Diamond Fund /duration: 1 hour/ 

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