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 "Boulevard Ring"

The Boulevard Ring is a chain of 10 boulevards, a green oasis area in the center of a huge megalopolis.

This name is only a conventional description since the boulevards do not make a complete circle but a horseshoe with its ends reaching the banks of the Moskva River.

The boulevards were laid out in the beginning of the 19th century in place of the obsolete defensive boundary of Moscow, the 16th century white-stone fortress wall. Beautiful mansions of Moscow aristocracy lined up the boulevards.

The picturesque boulevards immediately became a favorite place for high society people to take walks along.

Today the Boulevard Ring remains one of the most popular places for spending leisure time: taking a walk or having a cup of coffee in the nearby cafes.

The Boulevard Ring: Winter "fairy tale" of Moscow Boulevard, above; one of the refined mansions of Moscow Nobility, bellow