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"The State Armoury Museum"

The State Armoury is the oldest and richest museum in the Kremlin. 

It was originally founded in 1806 as the Imperial Court Museum, which was created out of three royal treasuries: the Court Treasury, the Stable Treasury, and the Armory. The Imperial Court Museum was moved to the present building in 1851.

The art treasures collected in the Armoury are of world significance. Each article is distinguished by great beauty and perfection of form and demonstrates the exceptional skill of the craftsmen who made it. The Armoury now contains some 4,000 exhibits dating from the 12th century to 1917. The State Armoury museum displays the Tsarís regalia such as jewelry crowns, orbs and scepters, clothing of the Russian tsars and tsarinas, royal carriages, collection of arms and armour, gifts to the Russian Tsars from various countries of the West and the East, a collection of Faberge Easter eggs, exquisite works by 12-19 century gold-and silversmiths and many more precious items.

From the Armoury collection: the orb, crown and scepter of Tsar Mikhail Romanov, above; embroidery in pearls and precious stones (17th century), bellow


available a tour of the State Armoury Museum /duration: 1.5hours/ 

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