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 Moscow: the Heart of Russia 


The world-famous Cathedral of St. Basil the Blessed in Red Square, one of the symbols of Moscow

The first record of the city of  Moscow in the chronicles  dates back to 1147.  A little town was destined through the centuries to grow into a huge megalopolis and become the capital city of Russia, the epicenter of its political, economic, scientific and cultural life. 

The image of the city bears the trace of different epochs and like an immense book enables us to read the history of the country and the people, page after page. It is an ideal place to get a feel for the new Russia.

They say that Moscow is the embodiment of the Russian national character. That is why there is a pithy saying that goes: �Whoever been to Moscow knows Russia�.  

To really get to know Moscow, one should see both its old and new streets and squares, enjoy the views of the ancient Kremlin, go to the city's theatres, visit its art galleries and museums displaying masterpieces of Russian and world art, see its Metro stations, stroll through its parks and just relax in the shade of verdant boulevards.

Everywhere you will sense the spirit of the city!


The Best of Moscow:   

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The "White House", premises of the Government of the Russian Federation

The View of the hotel Ukraine, situated opposite the "White House"

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