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Our goal is to make your visit to Russia memorable!

Dear visitor, welcome to the website dedicated to travel to Moscow, Russia.

My name is Elena. I live in Moscow and work as an interpreter and  tour-guide. I am licensed with Moscow Association of Guide-Interpreters.

I would like to invite you to visit Russia, a beautiful country full of wondrous discoveries waiting for you.

 I will be happy to arrange your trip to one of the most enchanting and fascinating Russian cities - Moscow, the capital of Russia. 

Each tour is designed for the individual client.  You see what you want, when you want, for as long as you want. 

You help set your schedule, or simply leave it to me after providing some basic guidelines such as the duration of your visit and interests and I will prepare a tour package for your approval.  

I look forward to helping you  plan the trip of your lifetime!

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Elena, your personal tour planner and guide in Moscow

A personally planned tour of Russia is the most exciting and gratifying way to experience the rich diversity of culture.

What people say about my services:

"The first time I visited Moscow, I had a good experience, but I really felt like an outsider, especially since I didn't know Russian at all. This was exacerbated by my further lack of the Cryllic alphabet, so I was unable to tranliterate. Having only a three-day stay, my appetite was whetted and I developed a strong desire to return to this great city. The second time I traveled to Moscow, I was better prepared. I studied some of the Russian language in advance of my trip, bought several tour books, and, most importantly, booked a Russian tour guide who also had the ability to speak English. This is how I came to meet Elena.

Elena was not only helpful in being my personal tour guide, she also was fun to be with. We really enjoyed each other's company, and engaged in some thought-stimulating conversations. She also did not hesitate to suggest some museums, monuments, and other touring sites that she felt I would be interested in seeing, but didn't know about. Furthermore, she really helped to tutor me in learning Russian. I originally booked her for only two days, but I ended up hiring her for the duration of my one-week stay. She really showed me how best to enjoy this great city. And, now, I feel like I gained a new friend! Bolshoi spaseeba, Elena!"

Steve Taulbee, USA  


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